6-Bar 20′ Freestanding Livestock Panel

6-Bar 20′ Freestanding Livestock Panel

6-bar 20 ft freestanding livestock panel


This medium duty freestanding livestock panel is made of 6 1-14″ 14 gauge round horizontal bars and 5 uprights made of 2″ 11
gauge square tubing. It has 2 removable 6’ legs and a gate latch and chain on one end. This freestanding panel is also
available 7 bars high.


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58″ high x 20′ long

200 lbs.

Made in the USA

1 year

medium weight panel that is easy to move

6 or 7-Bar 20′ Continuous Livestock Fence; 7-Bar 20′ Freestanding Livestock Panel


6 1-1/4″ 14 ga. round horizontal bars, 2″ heavy square tubing uprights, removable 6′ legs