Chicory is a very special plant and best described as an herb. Its taproot makes it drought resistant. It is best used as a component in grazing pastures, increasing overall pala-tability and animal intake. Many positive things have been reported on Chicory’s effects on animal health. Chicory is high in energy and protein (30% and higher) and very palatable.


Puna is the first truly improved chicory. It is well adapted in extreme climates. It does well in Canada as well as in the arid South. Puna has been selected for resistance to bolting and persistence under grazing. Recent research shows extremely good results with sheep in grazing trials; weight gains were significantly higher when Puna chicory was included in a pasture.

Forage Feast

This variety has been bred in France after screening in the USA. It has better resistance to bolting than other varieties. Forage Feast is highly palatable to livestock and wild game. Less bolting also means more leaves and higher energy.