Fall WinterMax Mix

Planting this time of the season greatly restricts seed selection.  For 4-5 weeks before the first frost, choose cool season species and maybe a few rapid establishing warm seasons.  2-3 weeks prior to the first frost, select cool season species with extra cold tolerance or over wintering ability.  Planting at or after the first frost requires winter hardy species, but fall growth and winter soil protection will likely be limited.

25-35 lbs / Acre or 20-30 lbs / acre with rye

Late Summer or Early Fall Plant

  • 50.0% Winter Pea
  • 17.5% Hairy Vetch
  • 20.0% Common Vetch
  • 5.0% Dwarf Essex Rape
  • 2.5% Forage Kale
  • 2.5% Forage Collard
  • 2.5% SubZero Hybrid Brassica