Barenbrug has developed the Haymaster grass seed mixture for producers of high quality grass hay. Producers who desire to market grass hay for its high RFQ value and superior visual appearance should choose Haymaster. We’ve developed regional mixtures of Haymaster to reach peak production at the ideal time. The two main components of Haymaster are soft-leaf tall fescue and late maturing orchardgrass. The leaf structure of soft-leaf tall fescue blends easily with orchardgrass and provides the tonnage needed for profitable hay production. Soft-leaf tall fescue varieties are more palatable and digestible than traditional tall fescues. Orchardgrass varieties in Haymaster are disease resistant, making the hay more visually appealing to the buyer.

Excellent beef cow/feedlot hay,silage, and grazing
About a 50/50 mix on a seed count basis
Maximum tonnage with good quality

70% Tall Fescue – STF43, Barolex, Bariane, Barelite
30% Orchardgrass – Baraula, Baridana, Intensiv