Orchard Grass

Dactylis glomerata

Orchardgrass is valuable on light textured soils due to its outstanding drought-tolerance. Most varieties have good winter-hardiness, although few varieties have superior winter-hardiness. The species is rather slow to establish but persistency is good under hay, silage, and proper grazing management. After it starts growing in the spring, orchardgrass tends to head very quickly. Late heading varieties therefore can provide more flexibility in management options. Late maturing orchardgrass is also popular as a companion grass for alfalfa.


Baridana is a late maturing orchardgrass. It is a very winter-hardy variety with excellent rust resistance. Baridana has recently been placed on the national list in Canada. Baridana makes a nice dense sward with few of the typical orchardgrass clumps. This makes Baridana a perfect orchardgrass for pastures. It scores high in digestibility and protein figures on forage samples.


Baraula is the latest maturing orchardgrass available from Barenbrug. Its late maturity makes it the orchardgrass of choice to grow with alfalfa. In addition to its late maturity, it is also very winter-hardy and is less clumpy and more leafy than traditional varieties.


Intensiv is a new, very late maturing variety from Barenbrug. Intensiv is very winter-hardy and has excellent disease tolerance (fusarium and leaf spot) making it a very persistent variety. Intensiv has a very high leaf to stem ratio and the hay produced from Intensiv has very good digestibility. With very late heading and high dry matter yields, Intensiv is highly suited for planting with alfalfa in mixed stands.

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  1. How far south can baridana, baraula, and intensiv grow and last . Which makes best blend va, nc. Sc.and which has best heat tolerances

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