Sucrose Sorgo LM

Super Sugar delayed maturity produces a higher yielding sweet forage grass for hay, grazing or greenchop. This hybrid has quick regrowth suitable for multiple cuttings. The TDN could reach 60-64% and protein can reach 16 – 18%. The delayed maturity trait allows more time to harvest a highly nutritious forage, or 25 to 30 days additional grazing. Harvest is normally 55-60 days after planting. This hybrid is an excellent option for green manure production to build organic matter for cover or for nematode control for vegetable producers. Harvest height should be 40”- 50” for highest nutritional value and yield, or begin grazing at 24”.

Additional Characteristics:

  • Anthracnose resistant
  • Increased protein content
  • Downy mildew resistant
  • Water requirement – very low
  • Early seeding vigor – excellent
  • First cutting in approximately 55-60 days
  • For highest nutritional value harvest at 40-50 inches or when crop is in the early boot stage


Planting Rates:

  • Seeds per pound: 19,000 – 21,000

Sucrose Sorgo LM