Phleum pratense
Palatability and superior winter hardiness are Timothy’s most important features. It does very well on wet, peaty and heavy textured soils. The establishment of this species is rather slow and summer production is somewhat limited. Timothy tolerates a cutting management well, while only a few varieties perform well under grazing. Late varieties are better suited for grazing.


An intermediate maturing and very high yielding variety with exceptional spring development. Good ability to compete with other species in a pasture and high resistance to diseases. Barfleo is tolerant to grazing like


Available in 2008-09, Barpenta is the latest improved timothy variety from Barenbrug. Despite being a very late-heading variety, it is a high dry matter yield producer. Barpenta is suited for timothy hay producers who like to diversify their acreage with varieties maturing throughout the season. This aids in spreading the hay swathing and baling workload throughout the season.

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