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We specialize in knowing your needs and specially mixing the seeds that are right for you. Whether you are planting a forage crop or cover crop, we know your area and what will work best in your specific situation. Give us a call or shoot us an email today and let’s start planning for your next planting. We are here to help!


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At Prairie States Seed we are committed to your success.

In our farming and cattle operation, we have planted many different seeds to try first hand. Whether we have planted it here or worked with a farmer in his plantings, we have the experience and knowledge to share with you. We don’t just want to tell you what the seed brochure says, but we want to tell you our experience. We are not just seed distributors, but farmers who use the seed we sell. You can count on Prairie States Seed for your seed needs. Call us today and let’s start planning your next planting!