Prairie States Seed



Small Grains

PSS Millet

Tif Leaf III is a shorter type hybrid pearl millet producing quick high yields. It only requires 66 days to the boot stage. Tif Leaf III has high levels of

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GW-400 BMR is a medium-early maturity sterile hybrid forage sorghum with the BMR 6 gene. Yield from this hybrid can reach 18-25 tons at 65% DM. The BMR 6 gene

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Sucrose Sorgo

Super Sugar is a high yielding conventional forage grass best used for hay, grazing, greenchop, or cover crop. Thin sweet stems make it highly palatable with stem sugar ranging from

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Honey Grazin’ BMR

Honey Grazin’ BMR will produce higher yields with full season growth. It is a photo-sensitive BMR sorghum sudangrass for grazing, baling, or greenchop. You can expect prompt regrowth after harvest,

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