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Pasture Mixes- Irrigated


25-30#/acre Dairymaster® Dairymaster is an exciting mixture, scientifically formulated to provide a dairy quality pasture. Also very well suited for replacement heifers, lactating beef cows, and stocker operations. Dairymaster contains

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20#/acre w/legumes — 25#/acre alone Beefmaster® Beefmaster is a special formulation of forage grasses for stocker cattle and beef cows and calves. Beefmaster contains soft-leaved tall fescue varieties which are

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20«/acre w/legumes — 25#/acre alone Horsemaster® Horsemaster is a mixture especially made for horse pastures. Because horses have both upper and lower teeth, they graze the grass close to the

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20#/acre w/legumes — 25#/acre alone Stockmaster® Stockmaster is a pasture seed mix, formulated with the top varieties for each region of the USA. These mixes with improved varieties allow for

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Irrigated Meadow Mix

20#/acre w/legumes – 25#/acre alone 20%  Meadow Brome 30%  Tall Fescue 15%  Meadow Fescue 15%  Festulolium 10%  Timothy 10%  Smooth Brome possibly add Garrison Creeping Foxtail

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Irrigated Pasture Mix #2

20#/acre w/legumes — 25#/acre alone earlier Spring greenup & production   25%  Meadow Brome 25%  Tall Fescue 10%  Meadow Fescue 15%  Orchardgrass 10%  Smooth Brome 10%  Festulolium   5%  Creeping

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Irrigated Pasture Mix #1

20#/acre w/legumes — 25#/acre alone well proven and reliable under a wide variety of conditions in the Central & Northern Plains 45%  Meadow Brome 20%  Orchardgrass 10%  Int/Pub Wheatgrass 10% 

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