Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

Every cattleman needs a livestock squeeze chute as the centerpiece of their working system.

Our mainstay deluxe model includes everything you need to make working cattle a breeze.

We built this hydraulic model squeeze chute to keep up with customer needs. The hydraulic design is based on our successful squeeze chute of 30+ years.

The Real Tuff hydraulic chute has many great features to support your 150 lb. calves to the 2,800 lb. bulls.

  • Overall dimensions of 149” long and 38” wide weighing in at 2,800 lbs. with grease zerks on every moving part providing the ability to maintain a smooth working piece of equipment for years.
  • Portability is an option with the addition of our Chute Cart.
  • The headgate closes down to 6” and opens to 35”. To completely to accommodate every animal from horned cattle to newborn calves.
  • The Neck Extender extends from 9” to 11”. Allowing for great versatility as it will work on any size animal.
    • Our customers love how it stabilizes the head, making implants, ear tagging, and vaccinations a breeze. There is also a big window in the neck gate allows for neck shots if needed.
  • The Squeeze is a full parallel motion expanding from 11” to 30”. With either side door opening to allow for multiple exit points
    • Both sides have a oversized bottom door that provides a 60” x 30” opening to allow for enough headroom for you and your calf during milking and nursing or to semen test your bulls.
  • Unique Slick Door is a Bi-Fold Door at the back of the squeeze chute that closes down to 4.5” and opens to 27” and works perfectly to stop the second animal from coming into the squeeze chute.
  • Our Palpation Cage also provides significant room for you to work in with 75” of head clearance in a 34” W x 36.5 L cage.
    • We have created a Palp Cage Closure that hangs on the door to narrow the width to aid in keeping your calves from turning around.
  • If you need to move the squeeze chute to a different location around your yard, you can easily pick it up with the 4 hooks on top of the chute.

Customers love the simplicity, strength and smoothness of our new hydraulic chute.

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