Solar Panels for electric fence charging

Solar Electric Fence Panels

Solar Panels

Stafix solar panels provide fast charging of batteries through superior conversion efficiency of sunlight to electrical current. A full range of panel sizes are available to meet individual requirements.

  • Premium, highly efficient polycrystalline panels
  • Rugged aluminum framing
  • Diodes and regulators are used to prevent overcharging of batteries.

Solar Panel Specifications

Solar Panel

Maximum Power

Current At

Maximum Power

Voltage At

Maximum Power

10 w (808186)

20 w (808187)

30 w (SP30W-1)

40 w (808188)

10 W

20 W

30 W

40 W

0.59 A

1.19 A

1.78 A

2.31 A

16.8 V

16.8 V

16.8 V

17.3 V

2 Year Warranty