Bud Box – Portable

How it works:

Set ahead of a loading chute or squeeze chute, the Bud Box runs perpendicular to the race (alley) leading to the chute or load out.

Cattle are driven past the opening of the race, and the solid gate is shut behind them, preventing them from seeing where they came from.

By waiting a few seconds for the cattle to settle down, and applying pressure from the side of the Bud Box toward where you want them to go, the cattle will circle back toward the solid gate (the way they came). Once they get to the solid gate, the cattle seek an escape route, which is the opening into the double alleyway, squeeze chute or load out.

The Bud Box design compliments the Daniels Alley. The Daniels Alley compliments the Bud Box design. These facilities are highly effective when cattle handlers have been trained in Bud William’s concepts that teach handlers to position themselves where cattle can simultaneously see what is pressuring them and where they are expected to go.

Handlers that learn to be proficient in sending cattle through the Bud Box improve in other skill areas including pen removal and pulling single cattle.

Improvements achieved with a team approach that includes Daniels Manufacturing, Dr. Kip, Dr. Lynn, and Dr. Tom as they consult with cattle operations have been beneficial to crews and most importantly the cattle. These systems are simple and economical to build and facilitate processing response, treatment response and can enhance carcass quality when used to ship cattle.

We share Bud’s dream of eliminating solid fences and tub systems and also dream of collecting video footage of the master sending cattle through the system.

*Facility design is effective only if accompanied by handler training resulting in voluntary cattle flow.