Portable Solar Energizer

Portable Solar Fence Panel

Portable Solar Energizer

Stafix portable solar energizers incorporate an internal battery and are perfect for strip grazing or powering a small area.

These self contained energizers feature an integrated solar panel and a sophisticated battery management system in a rugged carry case.

Ideal if you are a small block holder or are looking to power a small run off.

Powers up to 5 miles (20 acres) of fence
0.50 J maximum output energy (0.63 J stored energy)
  • 5 watt solar panel
  • T-post and wood post mounting options.  High impact enclosure is designed to securely mount on T-posts and wood posts
  • On/Off switch


2 Year (includes lightening) Warranty


Portable Solar Key Features


Battery Recharge

Energizer intelligently manages battery recharging during fine weather.


Battery Saver

Microprocessor technology automatically adjusts the  output energy depending on the battery condition.  This feature extends battery life and is particularly efficient when used in solar installations.


High Output Voltage

Up to 9,500 V output.


Indicator Light

Located on the rear of energizer it indicates the solar energizer is working.


Rechargeable Internal Battery

Rechargeable internal sealed 12 V, 7 ah battery included (optional in some markets). Maximum battery life is 3+ years.


Requires Minimal Sunlight

Energizer requires minimal sunlight hours to keep battery at or near full charge.  When fully charged selected portable energizers can operate for up to 21 days without sunlight.


Steel and Wood Post Mounting Options

High impact enclosure is designed to securely mount on Y-posts and wood posts.


2 Year Warranty

We stand behind the reliability of our products. Visit our warranty policy page for full details.